Þórarinn Seiðkona

Physical Appearance

Pale skin- Long Jet-Black hair, usually worn up-Ocean blue eyes-Full lips-bridge of nose pierced, septum piercing worn occasionally, both ears pierced multiply-Rune shaped scars on both hands, arms, and legs(not able to find in SL yet)-



Coffee, Teas, Sweets, Animals, Her Scandanavian Culture, The smell of an old book store, Being in natural environments, Water, Food, Honesty, Music&Dancing, Plants 


Patronizing people, Lying, Racism, Bullies, People who pervert her culture into an excuse for Nazism, Smelly cheese, People who abuse animals (They will get their due) 


Herbalism, Crochet, Running, Dancing, Singing, Watching silly movies, 420, Helping Animals 

No real addictions 

She is a Völva from a long line of women with Power. She is chaotic good, but she'd rather help animals than humans because she sees them as duplicitous at times. She is far from Vanilla, in most respects of her life.  

Powers and Abilities

Familiar Arts came to her innately-Learned basic alchemy, cryptomancy, and bloody magic from her grandmother and mother who were both accomplished witches 

Studying Healing so she can further help the animals that come to her for care 


Tell us everything.

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