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Occupation: Lead singer/ bassist of the band
Occupation: Lead singer/ bassist of the band
Unspeakable Cyn. Former lead singer of the London Rock band Broken Glass & Shattered Dreams (BGSD)
Unspeakable Cyn. Former lead singer of the London Rock band Shattered Dreams
Education: High School
Education: High School

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General Information

Full name: Asher Owen

Nickname: Ash

Zodiac: Scorpio

Age: 25-ish

Nationality: British

Class: Vampire

Religion: None

Occupation: Lead singer/ bassist of the band

Unspeakable Cyn. Former lead singer of the London Rock band Shattered Dreams

Education: High School

Marital Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’4” (193 cm)

Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

Body Type: Fit

Tattoos: Arms, hands, and chest.

Piercings: Snake bites in lip, septum, nipples, and other places

Scars: None

Blood Type: AB


Likes: Playing his guitar, singing, being the center of attention

Dislikes: Stupid people

Hobbies: Writing music, singing

Addictions: Cocaine when he was live, so for now he just looks fro druggies to feed off of

Habits: None

Phobias: None

Disabilities: None


Siblings: None

Partner/Spouse etc: None


Aurora Marianna Blair-De Luna, Meka Brazhnikov, Manel Llach, Mikael Jensen

Enemies/rivals: Harley Middleton

Powers and Abilities

Life of the Party - A force of charisma and personality that is able to hold a crowd in the palm of one’s hand. This power has only a limited effect on supernaturals.

Interesting Tidbits

He has no problems speaking his mind and doesn’t care if what comes out of his mouth offends someone. He comes off as being an asshole and hard as nails, but once you get that wall down, he’s actually really sweet and caring. He’s a bit of a control freak and has a hard time relinquishing control to others.


Asher was the oldest child born to Whitney & Marian Owen. The Owens were well off family due to their successful vineyard, Asher was basically born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He got whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and without reprimand which in the end caused him to grow up to be a selfish and spoiled asshole. 

He did as he pleased and when things didn't go his way he threw a fit until he got his way. He lived a lavish lifestyle, spending the money he had on drugs, alcohol and women, much to his parents disapproval.

But that got old and Asher's old man got tired of fitting his lazy son's bills, so he told him to get a job. He started with odd jobs of busing tables and bar tending, but he was never happy. One night while cleaning up at a club he worked, his boss caught him singing.

Apparently the man had the vocal cords of a god. He taught himself how to play the guitar and this only made him an even hotter commodity.  Next thing he knew, He had an agent and was working on his first single. Soon after his music kept charting the top ten, and the next thing he knew he was getting awards for rising new artist, best new album, and soon he was known internationally. Things were looking up finally.

There was something about the way the loud music called to him, the way he felt when he sang to the masses or how he felt hearing his songs played on the radio that let him know that this was his calling in life. Of course his new lifestyle and way of living only made his personality even worse. He partied all the time and when he did, he did it hard. Sex drugs and rock and roll? More like sex drugs and booze. He was a young man in his prime and he wanted to live his life to the fullest. Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Beautiful Corpse. Those words could be no truer he would soon learn.

On the plus side, with the popularity came groupies, and those groupies meant lots of sex. One groupie after another, and sometimes even three in one night. He used his fame to his advantage, enjoying life, making lady friends in every city he performed in.

It was London, 1960. He was performing when he met his sire. She was among many screaming women in the crowd, right in front of the stage in the VIP row. Maybe that was why Asher couldn't help but hone in on her, or maybe it was her beauty, but he found himself looking into her eyes during his performance, as if he were singing those songs to her directly.

Fast forward to the end of the show and they were backstage in his dressing room, barely having the door shut before they were tearing each others clothes off. He figured tonight would end like it did with most of his shows, find a groupie bring her to bed, fed off of her and then get rid of her like he did the rest. He had a career to think of, he couldn't be tied down by a woman. But this time was different. This woman was different and he didn't know why he had this uncontrollable urge to be near her.

She showed up at every show and watching him from the crowd and soon their little backstage rendezvous were a constant until he fell ill. His manager had to cancel the remainder of his shows. But she was there by his side, ensuring all that their beloved Asher was in good hands, and she would see to his needs.

But what was happening was the end of his old life and the beginning of a new one.

When Asher fully "recovered" from his illness, he was back to the stage and singing and performing just like before. Over time he had honed his new vampiric skills and adapted to the new way of life. It was all fun and games at first but sadly, Asher did not feel the satisfaction that his sire promised he would feel. Instead he felt a deep emptiness inside of him which drove them further apart.

Pained by this all, his sire released him to be free, in hopes that by doing this that he could find what he needed to fill the deep void he felt within him, with hopes that one day they would meet again.

And so Asher continued to live his rock star life and travel the world, all while still managing to keep what he had become a secret.

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