General Information

Full name: Aurora Marianna Blair-De Luna

Nickname: Luna, Mari, Ro, Rori

Zodiac: Cancer

Age: 38

Nationality: Scottish/Hispanic

Class: Human

Religion: Spiritualist

Occupation: Manager of Unspeakable Cyn

Education: Degrees in International Business Management and musical business management, Operations Management and Public Relations

Marital Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Hair: Red, currently dyed Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'5

Weight: 126

Body Type: Athletic dancer

Tattoos/Piercings: Tattoos, Tongue Piercing

Scars: Scars that make an interesting story if you she tells you

Blood Type: O-


Likes: Working out, working all day, her forest cat(Nyte), animals, reading, Horror, anime, yoga, tai chi, passion, drive, piano, violin, Music, swimming, Dominant men, submissive women

Dislikes: Chocolate, man children, fake dominance, idiocy, incompetence, cold/snow

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, dancing, playing piano, violin, harp, cello, singing, WORKING Addictions: Jameson and pizza

Habits: Work alcoholic

Phobias: Tight spaces and darkness Disabilities: none


Siblings: One brother unknown to her (wanna open introduction into rp with this info message me)

Partner/Spouse etc: none

Children: None Friends: Asher Owen, Meka Brazhnikov, Mikael Jensenl

Enemies/rivals: The vampire that killed her vampire employer, The abusive old man

Interesting Tidbits

Knows of vampires as her family came from a long line of being 'servants' to one up until he pissed off the wrong supernatural and lost his life.

Knows about witches due to watching deals being made Knows nothing of werewolves

Used a 65 year old "sugar daddy" to pay for her schooling and when she accomplished herself ran to hide from him. Is sure he is still after her. (Up for anyone who wants an rp opening with this info)

Is compassionate even when she acts like a total bitch

Give her your trust, loyalty, friendship, and she will give you the world.

Speaks 5 languages but not all very well.(Japanese, Cantonese, English, Spanish, Latin)


Aurora grew up with parents that were followers of a well-known vampire house. This vampire lord had kept her family for years really and that was all she knew. Her father was in command of Security. Her mother was caretaker of the house and the Master's day to day operations. One evening a rival came to the house and made hell fire reign, pretty literally, on the life that Aurora knew. The vampire was almost wiped out but he somehow escaped, her father was lost in the carnage of defending the home, her mother was torn apart by "pet" wolves as far as she knows. Aurora was 16 and did what her parents told her to, run! She ran as far as her bleeding, broken, and disorientated self could take her. From an up and up life to trying to survive the best she could, Aurora was determined to be a survivor. With no idea of where to go or how to seek help she began her life like a runaway on the streets. Living and learning roughly what she needed to until she met an older man who groomed her for fine society at the cost of her virtue and last of her innocence. Aurora was given anything she wanted money, jewelry, clothes, the only thing she didn’t have was admiration and love. She chose to attend college to get degrees in Business Administration and Management, Marketing, and Music Business. The man may have given her everything but abuse was not out of the question for him. He used the guise saying this is what a BSDM relationship was. Aurora later learned that was a lie like many other things he told her. Using college as her escape. By the time she was 28, she used her knowledge to escape her life of servitude to the man. Becoming one of the top music managers in the business. The best fixer for those who have gone too far. The nickname many of her clients have given her is the Ninja for the way she handles them. She has now been hired by a famous European band. Where will her adventure take her now?

Rumors in Clifton Forge

What Hunters may know:

De Luna/Blair families are known to work for vampires in different areas of expertise

Aurora may be a survivor of the destruction of Shadowhills Estate

Brother is a hunter, specialized in vampires

What regular people may know:

Famous/well known band manager and fixer Has a pleasant demeanor

Woman works way TOO much

Keeps strange hours

OOC Details

Online Times: Monday through Friday normally after 3SLT is best, Sunday I come in and out all day due to being off from work, unless you message for a time frame to rp. I alternate my Saturdays so occasionally the same can be said for Saturdays. How to reach me: PM me on Discord, tag me on Discord, or message me in-world at nymphea.darkthorn(my messages do get capped so please double check with me)

RP LIMITS: I am pretty go with the flow of rp. I do not do age play, piss, or scat

I have no problem with perma death as long as it makes sense for the rp. If you are just killing to kill that would be a no.

Torture, rape(may FTB need ooc discussion prior), near death I am good with. Would rather not lose limbs.

Again just ask OOC and I am sure I will be ok with it. Story is story let’s build it.

Tell us everything.

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