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 Benedict (Ben) Asher, Fr.

Rumours and Gossip - You may use

  • He’s a womaniser. He has a secret love child somewhere. Or maybe he's gay, because he tried to run away with another dude?
  • He’s a heretic. He’s a blasphemer. He sees spirits. He’s a fallen angel. Horrible, wicked things and ill-fortune follow wherever he goes.
  • His blood allows vampires to see into the spirit realm and all its strata, as well as receive God-visions, if only temporarily.
  • A riot broke out at one of his services and someone was shot at another. A church burned down while he was saying Mass.
  • He’s an MKultra mind-controlled zombie, and part of an evil cult that kidnaps and tortures people.


INTJ — Architect[1] 

Alignment — Chaotic Good 

Powers and Abilities

Clairvoyant/Medium—Immune to Compulsion and Turning—Exorcism


Ben is an artist. He uses oils and charcoals primarily, and depicts things/people of interest to him. ((And when I have the motivation, I paint his pictures for him))

The Second Angel
Evelyna Stone
Ben's Painting - Lous.jpg