Clifton Forge Sl Wiki

 Damon Knox

The Town Drunk.

Physical Appearance

Graying curly hair (once black), Lined face, Tall and Broad set, Scarred body, calloused hands and likely bruised knuckles. 


Asshole and Drunk. 

Powers and Abilities

Hunters Mark, Psychometry, Improved Hearing & Dampening Field. 

What Hunters Would Know


-Known in hunters circles for the Coven murders in Sleepy Hollow, the Crucification in Michigan and the witch burnings in the town of Athens.

- Has a dog named Beastie.

-Is a drunk.

-Has never stayed longer than a year in one place.

-Two Hunters have died on hunts with him.

- A man of few words.



-Magic goes oddly array around him, Hunters who may or may not have worked with him have complained of the chaos of said ability.

- Has a Hellhound as a pet.

- Is indebted to the church.

-No one wants to work with him because he's cursed.

- Has no money.

-Is a witch.

-Lost his family.

-Killed his family.

-Has died. Twice.