Dean Hunter

Alias is Dean Smith to normal people

Nicknamed the Slayer by Hunters. - ((As a Hunter feel free to recognize this when he says his last name is Hunter. If you are a Monster and want to recognize this nickname, just ask!))

Known to the church as Orion.

Physical Appearance

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Body Type: Swimmers Build 

Tattoos/Piercings: Ears have lots of piercings, he has a left sleeve tattoo.

Scars: All over, calloused hands. 

Blood Type: A+


Has a flat tone for everything, until you get him excited about a hunt. Then his voice finally shows true emotions in it. Otherwise, some say he's cold and dead inside.  

Powers and Abilities

Hunter’s Mark - A hunter applies an astral mark to his or her target via touch which is only visible to other enhanced humans (hunters and clairvoyants), and appears as an ‘aura’ or other form of spirit/soul-marking. Each hunter’s mark is as singular as a person’s palm-print. A hunter can track their target anywhere to their nearby vicinity, but only one mark can be active at a time, and these can be stripped via magic or exorcism. A hunter’s mark will fade after a fortnight if the hunter has not engaged and refreshed it on the target.

Accelerated Healing - As their champion, the Gods have blessed your hunter with supernatural healing. Wounds are not automatically healed, but your healing time is cut down by half, perhaps even more. 


He has a history, a history that is barely known to even his associate Caterina Morgan.

Searching his name (( Full Name not Alias)) on Google will show the following...

A news paper article from Marble Falls, Texas. 'Mother ripped to pieces in animal attack. Son survived.' The article mentions how the woman was ripped apart and partly eaten by an animal, but the son survived by hiding in a nearby closet. The father was reported to have came home the next day to find the scene. Animal was tracked and prints were inconclusive and never released to the public.  Dean is mentioned to be Age 4 when his mother died. Named in the Article is Mary Jo Hunter (Deceased), Dean Hunter and Patrick Hunter.

If anyone has access to Military records, Dean Hunter is shown to be AWOL as of his 20th birthday. Followed by a Dishonorable Discharge.

Hunter Knowledge only

  1. At the age of 26, he found Caterina on the street and saved her from her own stupidity. Caterina Morgan has been following him ever since.
  2. Dean is a contract killer, though he knows he's surrounded by monsters. He prefers them to have a price tag before he kills them. However he has been known to step in and silence one for free if it was currently being a menace.
  3. He will join a hunt with other Hunters if there was a great need to do so, however he sometimes wanders off and goes about it alone. ((Possible hunt opportunity if you want your character to have an in))
  4. Is well behaved when Caterina is around. When she's not by his side his mind tends to run to the darker side of things, and he becomes more reckless on his hunts.
  5. To other hunters only, he can be known as "The Slayer" for the way he violently kills his prey.
  6. RUMOR:  If he isn't with his cohort, he butchers the bodies just like how his Mother was butchered.
  7. RUMOR: Dean and Caterina were seen to be kissing and fondling while they stood over a corpse of a slain vampire. Some even say they rubbed the blood over themselves and then had sex on top of it.
  8. RUMOR: It's said that Dean was the one who killed his own Mother at age 4, and has a psychological disorder that has never been treated. Some are even worried that Caterina is next on his murder list.
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