The Undead Aristocrat

"Actual aristocracy cannot be abolished by any law: all the law can do is decree how it is to be imparted and who is to acquire it." - Georg C. Lichtenberg

Physical Appearance

In life, Lucretia had the pale, marble skin that was en vogue in the 19th century. In death, this pallor only became more morbid, as the blush of life left her. She was considered tall and willowy for the 1860's, but in the modern age she is very petite. In many ways, she can't help but stick out like a sore thumb, which has led to a deep dislike of change.


Likes: Classical music, ragtime, jazz, designer suits, classic cocktails, submissive men, etiquette, poetry.

Dislikes: Poor manners, dominant men, modern music, having her picture taken, the color yellow.

Addictions: Humans under hypnosis or the effects of psychiatric drugs.

Habits: Whistles or hums to herself.

Phobias: Sunlight, violent men.

Disabilities: A slight limp due to a childhood bout with Polio.

Lucretia was born into the rarified world of the Boston Brahmins, those moneyed elite who had given a young America presidents and captains of industry, writers and generals. She has never put this life behind her, and still conducts herself as everyone's superior in her personal life. In her professional life she hides her sneering disdain for others, and focuses on the objective of solving the minds of others like a puzzle.

She speaks with a Trans-Atlantic accent, in an outdated fashion, having great difficulty lowering herself to speak in the vulgar fashion of today's modern youths.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super strength 
  • Celerity 
  • Enhanced senses 
  • Immunity to poison and disease 
  • Accelerated healing 
  • Immortality 
  • Compulsion and Sympathy 
  • Eye of the Storm: You are able to exert a sense of calm to all within a radius of ten yards around him/herself. 

Lucretia has a Bachelor's of Pscyhology, Doctorate of Psychiatry, PHD in Neurocognition, and is a licensed social worker. She spears English, French, Latin, Greek, and Czech.


Lucretia Delacourte was born the youngest of three children, and the only daughter, of Louis and Millicent Delacourte. The couple's eldest became a decorated colonel during the civil war, and their youngest son made hundreds-of-thousands by clever investment and patents that changed the garment industry, but Lucretia could never be more than a burden. In the world of Beacon Hill, a daughter could only be useful to her father so long as she could be married off for a lucrative alliance between blue-bloods.

Lucretia was raised to be well-mannered, intelligent, an able housekeeper, and a woman of virtue and chastity, but she was never raised to imagine a life outside her station, outside her usefulness as a family pawn. Lucretia grasped that she was being used from an early age, and by her teens began scaring her suitors off, one-by-one, 'til she was known as the Banshee of Beacon Hill. By 32, her aging parents worried she would never be married, so they found the one man she couldn't frighten off.

Thomas Rexford was a tyrannical robber baron, who worked his people as hard as slaves, and hadn't an ounce of remorse. The fact that he happened to be in a related industry as the Delacourtes, and could aid the middle son's ambitions of vertical integration was not lost on either Rexford, or the Delacourtes, and so their engagement was announced. On the night of the engagement party however, Lucretia met a pale man with piercing eyes, and a devilish smile.

He was a roguish man with skin as dark as Onyx, and teeth as sharp and silvery as a crescent moon, who introduced himself as the Emir of Isbiliya. As a man of color in high society Boston, he couldn't help but stand out, but it was his passion, kindness, and wit that truly set him apart from them. During the Civil War, Lucretia had been a staunch abolitionist, and used what little freedom and allowance she was given to champion the rights of the freedmen as well. It was no surprise to her that a man of color should be so charming and bright, but it scandalized her social circle, to her delight. It was when the sun was nearly rising that she decided to elope with the Emir, and when he revealed his true nature to her.

Shortly after her embrace, Louis and Millicent Delacourte were found dead, throats slit and dumped in the bay. Their sons inherited the family business, and Lucretia made a tiny little sum of the inheritance. Over the past 150 years from the embrace, she has built her fortunes, and her title, to become a woman of renown with the respect she feels she is owed. She has spent the last 90 years searching for her sire, who went missing in 1930, but believes he has not yet met final death.

In modern nights, she has taken a keen interest in the workings of the mind. As a vampire she has been blessed with ability to influence and control minds, and her desire for domination has driven her to better understand the workings of the mind in the process. Doing so however has restored some shred of empathy in her dead heart, and she has resolved to help children, and the survivors of trauma with sincere intent. Her professional and philanthropic work have both gone to benefit these populations, and it is her one weakness.

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