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Elizabeth 'Harper' Davenport

Harper is a chaotic good vampire from Clifton Forge, VA.

Physical Appearance

Harper is 5'3" and weighs 115 pounds. She has no tattoos or piercings. She often wears a choker to mask a scar on her neck. She dresses conservatively. In life and death, she's known for her fiery red hair.


Harper is an avid gardener. In her former life, she was studying to become a nun. She is a devout Catholic and can often be found lurking around the church.  

Powers and Abilities

Amplify Emotions - Vampire may heighten a single emotion in their victims, that is currently presence dominating the others and causing the person to react accordingly.


Elizabeth was born in Clifton Forge in 1822 to an unknown witch and a local priest. She was the product of an illicit affair. Her mother passed away during child birth leaving her an orphan. The church, wanting to keep her as close as possible, raised her as a potential nun prospect. She spent twenty-three years of her life dedicated to church doctrine and chastity until her death in 1845. On December 25, 1845, Elizabeth was hanged for being a witch in a private ceremony. Her father was present.

Interesting Tidbits

Elizabeth was born with the sight. By touching objects or people, she was able to see their past memories. Her gift ultimately lead to her demise. Since turning, she is unable to use that gift.

Elizabeth was hanged privately not publicly. She did not die immediately. Her body was quickly retrieved by a vampire who immediately drained her of blood and began the process of her transition. She was given human blood within a day of her death. Her sire, knowing that he would be hunted for this act, hid Elizabeth in a coffin underground and left her to desiccate. His whereabouts are unknown.