Evelynne Smith

Physical Appearance

The official "blonde" bombshell. Thick, blue eyed and an enchanting smile.


Likes: making clothing from scratch, knitting, singing,…

Dislikes: meat, dishonesty, …

Hobbies: See likes

Addictions: Tea, just….tea

Phobias: Small rooms and heights

Powers and Abilities

" Another werewolf thing. Like most animals, we spent a large part of our lives engaged in the three Fs of basic survival. Feeding, fighting and reproduction. "
Level one dominance: extremely submissive; level ones tend to be pups or den mothers. You will almost never find a level one rogue as most would never last on their own.

Pain Siphon: A Werewolf can absorb the pain of another living creature through touch. They absorb the pain and temporarily alleviate it, causing the one using this ability some mild discomfort, though it is generally less intense than the pain being siphoned. This ability usually lasts around an hour after the touch subsides.


Evelynne Smith was a well-known singer in her local town. Nicknamed Lady Nightingale, she sung by the trusty piano man every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not a pop singer

The people loved her. Her lovely smiles, the gentle touches as she passed between the clients. And that voice, oh that voice. She truly had earned the nickname Nightingale. Evelyn’s life was good. She was born in Canterbury, UK but had moved to New Orleans once she had turned 20.

There she simply continued her singing, her English accent offering that little extra oemph. This time it was in a more…exotic café. While the clients waited for the Burlesque dancers, Evelyn sang.

Nobody wanted to see a thick girl dance burlesque and honestly, Evelyn was happy with that. Her body confidence wasn’t at its best. But one day after closing hours, she was making her way to her car, humming one of the songs.

She heard a monstrous growling coming from the alleyway behind her. Any normal person would have thought to just keep walking. None of their business they’d think. But not Evelynne, that idiot actually went to see where it was coming from.

As soon as she turned around the corner, she knew she was seeing something she wasn’t supposed to see. There stood a huge wolf like creature, drooling, growling. It was a terrifying sight to see. But what surprised her even more was the man that was facing off with it. It even seemed that they hadn’t even noticed Evelynne, that was of course until the werewolf took a big wiff and found Evelynne’s scent. The last thing she remembered was that beast storming towards her.

The next thing she remembered was, waking up in her apartment with a high fever and vomiting. She was ill for days when it finally ended. She felt different. Her sense of smell was better, she could smell the gumbo, that was being made two streets away. Or the spliff somebody was rolling somewhere far away.

She could see more and sharper…Thinking nothing off if she went on with her day. There was no reason to think something odd had happened, was there? Or so she told herself. Hell she knew something was off. But you know, google wasn’t really helping.

Until the first full moon came and she turned. The breaking of her bones, skin tearing, she was scared, alone and hell she didn’t know what was happening. Only that she felt a rage, she couldn’t explain. When the day came, she was so scared. She needed to leave. Needed to get out of town before that happened again and she hurt people she loved. So she made her way to Clifton City, starting her new life.

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