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 Hunter David Everett

Physical Appearance

Hunter looks very much like your typical California-coast native. Though he was born in Waco Texas to a Texan father and full-blood Wichita mother, he was raised on sun, surf and privilege on the golden coast. Sun bronzed skin and a too-white smile between his lips; he’s pretty much everything you’d expect of your typical west coast surfer boy. Standing just over six feet in height, Hunter has a swimmer’s build with broad shoulders and slim hips. His features are tell-tale of his origins; a fairly large, slightly wide nose and lips, and copper-toned skin which hint at his native heritage. Wavy locks fall just past his shoulders maybe a little curly in places. His hair has obvious brown roots, but lightens at the lengths, clearly sun-bleached and a little bit dry. The kid could probably use some conditioner, not to mention a brush for that wind-swept mess. And of course, that half-native heritage means that he can achieve an enviable tan. Clearly he bleaches his teeth, cause they’re blindingly white, but that’s standard California fare.


Likes: Fast cars, fast women, latinas hermosas♥, surfing, video games and fish tacos ensenada, and most people.

Dislikes: Movies with time-travel themes or where 'everything was just a dream'. Vampires, bitten wolves (except that last one is more of a prejudice.)

Hobbies: surfing, gaming, hanging.

Addictions: nope.

Phobias: Mildly homophobic 

== Powers and Abilities ==