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 Julianne Wilson-Torres

General Information

Full name: Julianne Lorelai Wilson-Torres

Nickname: Julia, Jules

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Age: 29

Nationality: American

Class: Witch (Sonomancy)

Religion: None

Occupation: Exotic Dancer (currently working at Sip n' Bite)

Education: High School

Marital Status: Separated

Physical Appearance

Hair: Red with Black Roots

Eyes: Green

Height: 5"8

Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

Body Type: Pear

Tattoos/Piercings: Tattoos on back and down leg

Scars: None

Blood Type: O-

More description: Her body is very pear-shaped, where her hips and thighs are more full than the torso. She's a bit more tan than most, due to sunbathing. Her tattoos are also a very interesting part of her, her back has wings, but they are all parts of animals that have wings (birds, butterflies, dragonflies, etc). Her leg tattoo is a sleeve up her left leg, which contain imagery and references to Alice in Wonderland, her favorite book from childhood.


Likes: Dancing, drinking coffee, watching old movies, listening to music (yes, it's everything), people-watching

Dislikes: Being in danger, dealing with other people's problems, getting out of her comfort zone, telling the truth about her past, and rude ass bitches

Hobbies: Dancing, finding old records, and horticulture

Addictions: Cigarettes, pot smoking, and coffee

Habits: When extremely angry, changes between her forced 'southern debutante' dialect to a rough rural dialect.

Phobias: Claustrophobia

Disabilities: None


Is really into 1930's 40's and 50's music and movies because of her own mother's love for the era. She will sometimes wear rockabilly fashion, but she doesn't agree with everything about the era itself, her behavior more akin to modern era. It's just an aesthetic she always appreciated and admired. Julia uses old jazz records in many of her Sonomancy spells, due to its range from soft and quiet, similar to Miles Davis and Duke Ellington, to chaotic like Bebop and Swing.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Sonomancy. Uses her finger on records to produce sound at a point she can physically visualize. It can be at whatever volume she wishes.


Was born in a rural part of East Texas, where Pine trees were more populace than the people. She was born into a very poor home, with an abusive father and an ailing, but gifted and supportive mother. In the earlier years, her mother had an assortment of older movies, ranging from romance, horror, the epics and everything in between all from before 1970. While her father would drink late into the night after working in the lumber yard, Julia and her mother would watch these movies as a chance to connect and Julia learned much of the glam and glitz that came from all of this. Her mother would be there, reminding her that this wasn't how the world worked in the modern days. It didn't stop her from wanting to emulate the beauty of Rita Hayworth and Doris Day. In fact, it would cause her to dream of one day having a Humphrey Bogart to tell her 'they'd always have Paris'. The bonding would grow with the addition of the record player, a constant in Julia's life. From this, she learned about music through the vinyl records, listening everything from jazz to stadium rock. All of this was done in secret to hide from the drunken anger of her father, who would beat her mother.

Her mother would tell tales of her namesake and Julia's grandmother, Lorelai Hughes, as being a very 'gifted' individual. The local rumor in her small podunk town was that Old Lady Lorelai was a witch. The rumors spread far and wide into the absurd, ranging from how Lorelai used a 'love spell' to catch the attention of the local Hughes patriarch to marry into the well-to-do family, to how Lorelai would kill the baby pygmy goats she raised to achieve her lofty goals of power and status, to even how she stayed alive for over a century. What Julia's mother remembered though was that Lorelai mean old crone who knew of her own daughter's abilities and believed that she grew jealous of her own child. If the tales were true, it would make sense that Lorelai would curse her own daughter to destitution, marrying the abusive man she called her husband and suppressed her abilities into illness. Despite her mother's attempts to tell Julia of the truth of her mother's real abilities, Julia grew up with the stigma of being a witch's granddaughter and being a outcast because of it. No matter Julia's own attempts to straighten the story, it didn't matter to the southern Baptists and Pentecost she called neighbors. In high school, the out-casted Julia would hang with the wrong crowd, hanging out in the woods and getting into trouble. It seemed minor at the time, with her growing fondness of marijuana and tequila under the moonlight. However, around the time she was 16, she lost her virginity to the only boy who actually gave two hoots about the outcast. It was one fateful night when the boy had given her a record of Billie Holiday that she simply grazed over that the sound of 'Strange Fruit' echoed in the woods. The boy told her friends, who eventually shunned her, but her mother was quick to remind the girl about the lineage she was born into

It was around this time of learning, that Julia's mother was growing more ill by the day and the beatings were causing her to pass out for days at a time. It wasn't long after Julia's seventeenth that her mother would perish. The father, who had no font for his anger, would use her daughter instead for a time. It was one fateful night that Julia could not bear it any longer. Using one of her old jazz records, a Charlie Parker record, she started to envision the loud, warped pace of the drums and bass in his head. Increasing in intensity alongside her own anger, her father fell dead with blood coming out of his eyes and ears. She fled the scene in the night, taking the records that gave her solace and the bare necessities. She found herself in the streets of Dallas, alone and afraid. After a time of homelessness and destitution, a strange woman by the name of Sybil found her. She had originally thought it to be a random encounter, but after getting to know who she was, it turned out Sybil was a dream walker who was drawn to Julia in one of dreams. From here, she joined one of the growing covens in the DFW area. With Sybil's help, she learned the basics of her abilities, using sigils on her records to help amplify her abilities as needed. She also helped Julia get back on her feet with food, shelter, and anything else. Julia was able to get a job as a dancer, even at a young age. She was inexperienced, but with time and her own personal stubbornness, she got a knack of it.

Years went by as she danced and aided Sybil in various tasks while learning more about her lineage and abilities. The coven were certainly intrigued with Julia's abilities, but because of their own lack of understanding could only aid her in the basics. This caused some grief between Julia and the coven as she felt there was more to her abilities than she thought. After her years with them, aiding and assisting them, she fled again to the west. The only one who even noticed was Sybil. Her drifting lead her to Nevada, where she met Xavion Torres. He was a gruff biker who had an interest in her legs and other assets. She fell in love with him, thinking this was her way to something simple and safe and eventually married him, but there was more than met the eye. It seemed he was no worse than the home that she left in her small town of Texas. After a couple years of this loveless marriage, she got a call from Sybil, telling her about a dream of a town that may help her in whatever she was looking for. She took this as her sign, but knew Xavion couldn't join her. Instead of killing him, possibly out of love or just too worried it would bring her under a police ire, she fled for Clifton Forge.