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Juni Fox


Soy el pecado que te dio nueva ilusión en el amor, soy lo prohibido. Soy ese beso que se da sin que se pueda comentar, soy ese nombre que jamás fuera de aquí pronunciarás soy ese amor que negarás para salvar tu dignidad, Soy lo prohibido. 

Born Juniper Magdalena Aurora de Leon Fox to Miguel Angel Alfonso De Leon and Britta Fox. She is fiesty and caprichosa, like a chili pepper, little pero picosa. She's new to the city and not willing to give up much about her past, but for good reason. 


Juniper is vivacious and enigmatic, a pint sized fiesta when she isnt going through one of her moods. She's the stereotypical gemini, caprichosa hasta la madre, and nothing will change that. 

Powers and Abilities

Better known as a curandera, she's a healer and would do so for her close friends and family back in her home town. 


That's another story to tell, and I'm no story teller.  Currently she works at the gym, and lives with her ginger roomie. She makes awesome guac, and loves her cafe and panecito.