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Kalandra Hjort



Kalandra is a Norwegian woman with the heart of a Viking.

She has white hair that falls over her shoulders and down to the middle of her Butt.

Her eyes are an Icey green, they are warm but lacking now days. Something happened to cause it.

Kalandras body type was recently described as tightly thick but within the last week she has dropped an outrageous amount of weight and lost 20 lbs which leaves her at 200 lbs.

Kalandra had 1 tattoo though it has been burned off.

She has many small scars all over her body, a few major ones. Two Bite Marks on opposite shoulders, Hunters and werewolves would recognize the one on her right, The one on her left would be almost grotesque to look at. She has two long scars up and down each wrist, they look like Suicide scars. There is also a bullet wound mark on her left thigh.

Interesting Tidbits



Killed a Priest

Was possessed

Bitten by a Vampire

Saved a boy from the Tunnels of Clifton Forge


Was in the Mafia

Manages Trax in Wax

Deals Drugs

Grows Marijuana