Clifton Forge Sl Wiki

General Information

Full name: Nessa Elizabeth Kelly

Nickname: N/A

Zodiac: Aries

Age: 19

Nationality: Irish

Class: Human

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Bartender at Roady's/Works at Sitamet

Education: High School

Marital Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue with hazel

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140

Body Type: Slim

Tattoos/Piercings: Good luck finding them. 

Scars: A couple here or there. 

Blood Type: A+


Likes: Drinking, Food, People who make her laugh, The warmth of the sun

Dislikes: Superficial people, monsters (not the supernatural kind), hunters

Hobbies: Knitting, camping, being wild and free

Addictions: None at the moment.

Habits: Get to know her and you'll find out.

Phobias: Losing people close to her.

Disabilities: None 


Parents: Dead

Grandparents: Roisin "Nan" Kelly

Brother: Declan Kelly

Uncle: Nathan Kelly

Enemies/rivals: Pending.

Interesting Tidbits

Has a good sense of direction.

Can scrap but will most likely walk away from a fight unless someone else throws the first punch.

Will be nice until she's not.

Will offend people without meaning to and probably won't apologies for it.

Has a big heart underneath it all.


Cursed a boy when she was 13 because he was teasing her. The boy died on the next full moon.