General Information

Full name: Nevain Shayden De'Ricci

Nickname: Vain, Shay

Zodiac: Taurus

Age: 30

Nationality: Italian

Class: Human

Religion: Catholic Upbringing Skeptic

Occupation: Heiress to the De'Ricci Fortune and Legacy

Education: Stanford University (Business and Creative Writing)

Marital Status: Separated (Divorced Filed)

Physical Appearance

Hair: Black

Eyes:Honey Brown

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 160

Body Type: Athletic

Tattoos/Piercings: Ears Pierced 

Scars: None

Blood Type: AB-


Likes:People watching, Reading:Theology and Ancient History ,Sports, Fashion,Photography,Writing

Dislikes:To hear people chew or slurp food, Liver,  Narcissists,The entire De’Calderon family

Hobbies: Long Distance Running, Amateur Photography,Writes Romance Novels under the pen-name: Shayden Envy

Addictions: Running, Baths,Quality Coffee/Espresso

Habits:Has drunk her family's wine since she was 13 with every dinner. Crosses herself before eating a meal or when crossing a church or graveyard;even though she is not an avid church member. Family traditions. 

Phobias: Thalassophobia

Disabilities: None 


Family: Overseas in Italy

Brother: Brother Dante Luciano De’Ricci (Character Available)

Partner/Spouse etc: Lorenzo Fernandez De'Calderon (Divorce Filed)

Enemies/rivals: Lorenzo De'Calderon and the entire De'Calderon Family


Overseas calls from Italy made for lodging information for one bedroom or larger. Never leaves a call back number,but calls daily.  


Money can't buy you happiness. I take that back. Money has not bought ME happiness. 

My name is Nevain De’Ricci and I was born to money. Not new money or money that my parents left me after they worked their entire lives to build it up from nothing. No, you see my family’s money has been building and aging like fine DeRicci wine since 1150. I come from a family that originated in Montepulciano Italy and never left. If they did leave, they returned with grand education or expensive spouses. Both of these things did nothing but enhance and benefit my family throughout the ages. Education made the De’Ricci wiser with their fortunes and the expensive spouses were chosen with the same delicate palette that creates the infamous De’Ricci brand. We are a good family, a good people. We make mistakes but we own them and deal with each with grace and discretion. That is until I met Lorenzo De’Calderon.

Like a blackhead on the tip of a supermodels nose ,he was a blemish on my family's existence. Through deceit he managed to weasel his way into my family. He is a liar, and greedy for the De’Ricci fortune and business just like the rest of his family. How do you get out from under a man like Lorenzo? You marry him with a prenup ,then wait for him to have an affair,catch him and use it to file for divorce. While waiting for that affair you catch him doing something dreadfully illegal, like...I dont know...murder? Then use that to blackmail him back into leaving your family alone. Unfortunately, it's not all going as planned and I'm hiding in the states. Somewhere I haven't been since college.

Now, I’ve found Clifton Forge,and I'm keeping my head down until I can figure out what to do next. But the constant calls from home about new family drama from the old days and a collection of family chronicles recently found in a fallen stone wall in one of the old cellars is stirring up so many questions…. 

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