Clifton Forge Sl Wiki

 Nikolina Monroe

Physical Appearance

She's of average height (about 5'7") and appears on the thin side (but curvy). She has heterochromia, 1 eye is a pale green while the other is a light aqua shade. Her ears are heavily pierced, and she also has a few facial piercings (snake bites in her lower lip, dimple piercings & a septum ring). She is heavily tattooed & proudly displays them as often as possible. She is mostly seen wearing black and shades of grey.


She generally comes across as either charming, flirtatious and/or outright seductive, or aloof and cold. She is a passionate person, though this is most often seen in her temper her love is just as fierce. Those that she lets in become hers, and she very protective of them. If someone earns her loyalty they will find she is loyal to a fault. Behind her party girl facade, she is quite intelligent and holds a fair amount of wisdom. She is strong willed, determined, and has a way of getting what she wants.

Likes: Occult stuff, puzzles, art, intelligence, music...

Dislikes: Stupid people, weakness, anything boring, tea...

Hobbies: Movies, music, traveling, reading, pursuit of knowledge...

Addictions: Alcohol, Coffee, Weed

Habits: Smokes a bowl before bed every night

Phobias: Being Broke 

Powers and Abilities

Basic alchemy, divination, cryptomancy, and blood magic. 

Enchantment - Charms, Talismans, Wards, etc.. 

Empathy - Can read people's emotions & manipulate those feelings 

Dreamwalking - Can enter people's dreams and manipulate and/or interact within them.  


Nik was raised in the swamps of Louisiana. Her mother was a prostitute and a junkie, and she never knew her father. She grew up extremely poor, and ran away at the age of 14 when her mother began hinting around that she needed to start taking on johns of her own. After running away she lived on the streets of New Orleans for a couple of years before being taken in by a well known voodoo queen with a shop in the French Quarter. Mama Marie was the one to tell Nik who and what she was, and began her training, though after her death Nik began teaching herself and has since developed her own style that is a mishmash of cultures and beliefs.


These are things people may have heard about Nik. As is the nature of rumors, they may or may not be true, or they may even be a little of both.

Past Rumors

  • She was involved in the fire that destroyed her mentor's shop and claimed her life.
  • One man vying for her affections spent himself in to enormous debt while trying to win her. When she left he was driven mad and killed his wife & children before committing suicide.
  • Nik stole a very valuable artifact from the owner of a bar she worked in and actually killed him for it.
  • A man she had an affair with was also involved with another witches in a coven she was about to join. When the other witch discovered the affair she turned the coven against Nik. In return Nik cursed the entire coven, and all have suffered misfortune in the years since.
  • Nik and the manager of the first vampire club she worked in had a vicious argument shortly before she disappeared, and most people believe Nik was involved in the disappearance.
  • She became romantically involved with the Vampire Prince of Charleston. The relationship turned violent, and she killed him before fleeing with the vampires she worked for.

Rumors in Clifton Forge

  • She  pushed out the (vampire) partners she had upon initially opening the club & they haven't been seen since.
  • She is part of an organization that shields her and the club from the authorities.
  • She was sleeping with Tristan (Warner) & Enzo at the same time and turned them against one another.
  • She was involved in planning and carrying out Tristan's murder.
  • She is involved with Enzo Evans, and is a partner in all of his evil (rumored) deeds.
  • She herself is a vampire, witch or possibly even a succubus.