Ohanzee 'Zee' ThunderCrow

Physical Appearance

Indigenous man of the Virginia Algonquian (Powhattan Chiefdom) and Oglala Lakota Sioux of South Dakota

Skin deeply tanned, even in the midst of winter/Dark eyes in human form, flash Husky/Wolf blue when emotional and in wolf-form/Scar from above-left brow to right corner of lips, body littered with other war-wound scars/Nearly 7 feet, lean but very muscular/Deep mahogany hair, sides shaved the rest long/Hirsuite/Typically dresses casually, for comfort and ease of movement/Septum, ears, and tongue piercings occasionally worn/Ear tips somewhat pointed, Canines especially large and sharp


On the outside, I'm meta-world peace

I'm the malice in the palace, inside I'm a beast

Basically a big puppy...Until he's not.

Zee is a Native American born-werewolf; born to two werewolves -a born-wolf Powhatan father and a born-wolf Oglala Lakota Sioux matriarch and growing up between the Pine Ridge Rez of South Dakota and his father's native Virginia. He is 3rd level Dominance at the moment- able to stand on his own and be a lone wolf but having been raised in a Pack he understands the hierarchy and customs necessary to be in a Pack. He is especially loyal to those that have earned his respect, and strong women are his weakness.

He's decided to make his home in Virginia and hopes to find a pack with an Alpha he can respect and follow as he wants to put down roots after many years roaming alone or with packs that didn't fit for whatever reason. He's got a messy past, and some trauma to work through. He has a hatred for the Church, Hunters that think he and his kind need to be dead, Police, the American Government, and Colonialism.

He searches for a Matriarch Alpha to follow and hopes he will find her here.

Likes- Meat/Running&Exercise/Camping/Swimming/Sarcasm/Indigenous Music/Drums/Nature/Coffee&Tea/Rain&Thunderstorms/Dancing/Tradition 

Dislikes-Dishonorable people/The Church/Police/Oil Pipelines/Bullies 

Hobbies- Running, Painting, Beading, Weaving 

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to return to Human form exceptionally quickly, and as a result, does not experience shift-coma.  

He is working towards learning other abilities but he is already an excellent tracker and hunter, his sense of smell and hearing particularly sharp 


He is the son of a Matriarch and raised knowing what he is. His mother was the leader of their pack until a traitor turned her over to a Hunter because he didn't want to follow a Woman. He was 22 at the time, and he broke for a while. His mother had been his best friend, the person he turned to for advice and understanding about the world. He spent many months searching, but he finally exacted vengeance so his mother's soul could rest in Power. His mother instilled Loyalty, Resilience, Confidence, and Strength raising him in their traditional ways. His father stayed around for a while until family emergencies sent him back to Virginia to take care of an ailing sibling. His parents decided to separate when he was 14, so his summers were spent in Virginia with his father and the rest of the year he stayed in South Dakota with his mother.

He's no stranger to fighting or abuse.

He learned the Lakota language and traditions, but his father didn't have much of his People's indigenous tongue. He learned the Powhatan's cultural traditions, though. But usually, when he's not speaking English, it's Lakota or Spanish which he's also fluent in.

Mitakuye Oyasin-All my relations. Everything is connected.

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