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Paislee Elizabeth Redhawk

Physical Appearance

Paislee is on the shorter side, standing at a whopping 5 foot 3 inches, weighing in about 135lbs, give or take some. She is athletically built and muscular, though still has curves to her.

She is full blooded Comanche, and carries the features typically associated with most Native Americans. Tan skin, long dark hair and dark eyebrows. The only characteristic she doesn't share with those of her hertiage is eyes color. Her eyes are pale green due to the wolf gene she carries, which has historically been a trait of her birth pack.

While shifted in both her wolf form and beast form, Paislee's hair remains dark black and her eyes remain green, though her eyes maye be noticably more glowy while shifted. 

Both of Paislee's ears are heavily pierced, including industrials, daiths, orbitals, trigus', and small gauges. Her right nostril is pierced twice, and her tongue is pierced. She has snakebites, and had triple dermal implant piercings in her left eyebrow as well as under her right eye. She also has quaduple hip studs on both sides, only visible if she is wearing pants that are low cut enough. She is also heavily tattooed, with full sleeves of floral patterns down each arm. The front left side of her body is tattooed with similar pattterns, starting under her breast and going all the way down to her knee. Her right thigh and the back of both legs also sport similar themed tattoos.

Paislee also sports a multitude of scars, most of which are hidden in the winding lines of her tattoos, though they can be spotted if inspected closely enough. Ones that are not hidden, however, can be seen in the form of multiple old gun shot wounds scattered over her torso. Amongst them is a scar on the right side of her abdomen from a surgery to remove said bullets. Another can be seen under her left breast along her rib cage from a previous stab wound. There is the start of a burn scar on the left side of her belly button, but the majority of the scar is covered by ink. On her back there are a few exit wound scars, as well as multiple linear scars accross her upper back. On her left shoulder blade there is the scar in the shape of rabbit ears. Her right forarm has a deep scar down the length of it, from elbow to wrist, that was deep enough to be seen even past the tattoos that cover it. Her left palm has a large linear scar in the middle of it, and the knuckles of both hands are scarred as well.


Generally, Paislee is reasonably approachable if you can get beyond the tattooed and pierced thing. She usually friendly enough, unless she's decided that she dislikes you for some reason. She also finds herself in playful moods quiet frequently, where she purposfully will mislead or be vague, all in the name of pissing someone off for fun.

She is loyal to a fault for those that she cares about, and is probably one of the most trustworthy people ever.  Most times she is annoyingly calm and comfortable seeming, even in the most tense of situations, and she is painfully sarcastic. Paislee is also notoriously blunt in how she words things, leaving next to no room for interpretiation except for exactly how she means it. Make no mistake, though, this doesn't mean that she isn't capable of being as snakey as the rest of Clifton Forges residents. She is usually extremely level headed, but she has a wicked temper that usually only rears its ugly head when those she cares about are put in danger.

That being said, she struggles daily with CPTSD in the form of depresison, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and dissociations. Because of this, when she is triggered or scared she usually becomes immediately violent, even with those closest to her. When she is agitated or anxious, these symptoms are usually more prevalent.

Likes: Art, martial arts, nature, food, pissing people off, getting in trouble

Dislikes: Liars, authority, being controlled, The Order, being touched unexpectedly, people coming after those she cares about

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, watching Netflix (and chilling), fighting, running, anything with animals (horeback riding especially), free running, people watching

Addictions: Paislee is a former drug addict. While heroin is her go-to drug, she will take anything she can that will give her a high while she is using

Phobias: Losing those she loves, and her dad, probably.

Powers and Abilities

Paislee is a werewolf, and therefore has all strengths accompanying her race. Currently, she has not mastered any one werewolf power, though she is in the midst of learning Healing and Call Munin.


Paislee is a full blooded Comanche, born on a small reservation in Texas to a witch mother, Abigail, and a werewolf father, Michael. She spent most of her early childhood with her mother traveling to Lawton, OK to stay with her maternal grandmother on the maine reservation while her father was away on business trips. Eventually, her father made it big and was able to work out a deal with the government for a tribal casino, which brought hundreds of jobs and millions in revenue to an otherwise impoverished reservation. This earned her father the elected tribal title of Chief. 

When Paislee was six, her mother fell ill unexpectedly and passed away from what she was told was bone cancer. The death of his wife drove Paislee's father to the bottle, and shortly after that his true colors started to show. Following the death of her mother, Paislee was left alone with her dad, who she soon found to be cold, cruel, and downright evil. She lived with merciless physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of her father and his friends for over a decade, then forced to hide it from her friends and teachers, as well as her fathers peers. 

During the time spent with Michael, and the nature of her home life, Paislee turned to drugs and alcohol early on. Pills were the start, Oxy and liquor being her go to in order to survive day to day, pretending to be the picturesqe little family with her father. Her first suicide attempt was at 13 years old, and again at 15, which only enraged her father more and more. The older she got, the more brutal he became, often finding herself in and out of remote hospitals using fake names or having her father pull strings to have her information changed in the system in order to keep secrets. No one ever had a hope of finding out her father's true nature. Even if word did get out, no one would believe that the beloved Michael Redhawk, the man who had changed life for the tribe in the area singlehandedly, was an abusive asshole worthy of being put in the ground without a second thought.

After a particularly painful incident shortly after her 16th birthday, Paislee's father attacked her while at an event at the casino which he owned. Paislee somehow managed to get the upper hand, killing him by stabbing him more times than she could even count. After the incident, Paislee was escorted to jail, eventually being transferred to a women's prison facility on grounds of being a danger to herself and others. It was there than the Paislee we know and love now came to bloom, hardened by experience and necessity, a survival machine. Paislee would sit in prison for almost 7 years before going to trial, a majority of the time being used to determine tribal versus federal juridiction over her case. When the time came, her trial was highly sensationalized and heavily covered by media in the area. Most people she grew up around and considered friends thought that the stories she told were all lies in order for her to get off without a conviction, shunning her from her home. Eventually, Paislee was acquitted on grounds of self defense.

After being released from prison, at 23, Paislee spent her time travelling from place to place. She fell back to drugs, and eventually became hooked on heroin. She took to a life of crime and thievery to support her habit, being arrested and jailed and released several times in several states on most charges out there. She became extremely street savvy, and picked up a lot of habits and knowledge in her travels, including fighting, weapons, drug trades, and gangs. After her 26th birthday, she was arrested and sent to court ordered rehab, and when she was released she decided she was going to try and find somewhere to settle, Santa Ramona, California being her first stop.

It was a seemingly idyllic beach town, but it had it's secrets, and the longer that Paislee stayed there, the more she saw the ugly truth. Friends were made and lost and regained in California, and Paislee relapsed and sobered and relapsed again. An overdose or two and a few near lethal injuries later, Paislee's high mind decided that joining The Organization would be a good plan. She became friends with the leader, Alexios, for a time, who eventually would meet his untimely end just after the end of her stay in Santa Ramona. But not before he was able to whisk her away to the hotel in Clifton Forge for a nice little detox session. 

It was then that Paislee decided that she enjoyed the change of pace of Virgina, and opted to buy a place there without realizing that the Order was a huge presence in town. She managed to wriggle her way out from the thumb of the order due to some inside help, and has managed to lead a relatively normal life thus far. If you count normal as finding out that you're a werewolf, that your abusive asshole of a father was a werewolf and an alpha, and getting knocked up by a guy that you'd only know for a couple months at the time, and then agreeing to marry him while accumulating a pack of your own. Totally normal. 


  • She was accused of being a werewolf at the Winter Formal in Clifton Forge.
  • There is a video of her somewhere on Youtube of her up and walking around after being shot five times.
  • Rumored to have had a special relationship with Russian priest and known Order member, Alexios. 
  • She has a criminal record which includes assault, vandalism, arson, grand theft auto and attempted murder.
  • She is a junkie. 
  • She slept with a certain pale doctor after a drunken night of karaoke.