The Basics

Nickname: "Feebs" or ‘Lady Grey’

Zodiac: Aquarius

Age: Appears late 20's, actually 354.

Nationality: American

Physical Appearance

5'3, hourglass figure. Silver hair, green eyes. No tattoos, current scars. Sometimes, but rarely, wears ears/facial piercings. Most often wears garments that are black or red.


Likes: Fashion, hedonism, classical arts, history, witches, antiques

Dislikes: Sunlight, bullies, hunters, Christians or religious fanatics, prejudice

Hobbies: Reading history books, hiking, hanging out in dingy bars

Addictions: Witch blood, knowledge.

Habits: Tries to keep to the masquerade, but like a serial killer cant help dropping hints to people. Sees it as a game.

Phobias: Fire, water and clowns.

Disabilities: Synesthesia ("hearing" or "smelling" colors; can cause sensory overload and blackouts)  

Personal Merits: Empathetic to the cause of most people, as long as they’re not trying to actively kill her. Infinite patience for those trying to better themselves. Will feed on innocents but saves death for the true bad apples.

Personal Flaws: Far far too truthful about herself and often spends time trying to cover the more telling things she's said. Vain to the point of being narcissistic, at least physically. Also has a DESPERATE need to be accepted by others for what she is – may stem from being surrounded by people due to her ability and rarely making true bonds. 

Powers and Abilities

"Life of the Party" - Enhanced charisma.  


Phoebe was born in 1666 Salem, Massachusetts as a witch; the daughter of Bridget Bishop and a lover who was unnamed in history books due to the licentious nature of her conception (He died from consumption when she was 5). She grew learning her mother’s arts and used them helping the other villagers in many ways. She fell in love when a stranger rolled into town in the winter of 1690, a tall handsome physician who went by the name of Malachi Talbot. He swept her off her feet and the two became a force of good within the town.

In the spring of 1692 a women named Mercy Lewis came to Phoebe with a delicate problem... she was unwillingly with child to a man named John Hathorne, a particularly pious merchant and magistrate, who, upon discovering his child had been terminated, accused (and later executed) many women of witchcraft in an attempt to cover his sins. Unfortunately, in an attempt to save her own skin and appear as hapless victim, Mercy Lewis pointed her young finger straight at Phoebe and her mother, Bridget, who was the first witch to be executed on June 10, 1692.

Phoebe would have been executed the next day, if it wasn't for Malachi, who owed his dashing looks and charisma to the gift of Vampirism - a gift he shared with Phoebe, and the two escaped Salem and never looked back.

After many years of travelling the world they settled in New Orleans, a new exciting melting pot of races. That is, until in the mid 1800's they made enemies of the infamous Marie Laveau, the Voodoo queen of New Orleans. Fearing her powers, the two decided they would each flee to opposite sides of the continent and reunite in Boston the next year. That was the last time she saw Malachi and has searched for him ever since, without luck.

She has since had a few homes, and even returned to now Danvers briefly, somewhat mollified that her mother's good name had since been met with more sympathy. Now she resides in a small town in Virginia, living a carefree life while she figures out her next steps in this immortal life.

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