Setsuko Otake

Physical Appearance

Standing at a reasonable 5'6, Setsuko is a lean figure cut with soft curves and a clear femininity to her appearance. Her black hair is extremely long and often tied in different ways to minimize the burden of long locks. Her dark eyes appear soulful and insightful while her septum piercing and painted lips slip a whole lot of sass. You might even spot a glimpse of sterling metal when she talks due to the piercing in her tongue.

Commonly you'll see Setsuko in any number of different dressing styles. Formal to outrageous, prudent to hoochie, she doesn't follow a strict fashionable code. Setsuko's outfits often show off glimpses of a tattoo that crosses her torso in a more mythological pattern. The tattoo colours have faded with time signifying she has had them a while.

Her blood type is AB+.


Setsuko likes money, luxuries, video games and reading books. She's intent on making sure she has what she needs without having to try too hard. This includes being more than happy to rip people off with schemes and huckster work like her 'Madam Otake' service. Her ideal existence is a full stomach, a soft king-size bed and all the internet shopping she can handle while pwning noobs in her favourite games.  

Personality wise, some might think Setsuko is cold. She feigns interest and sincerity in helping others through her online "business" but doesn't feel connected to those people. She can flirt you off-balance without a hint of shame but whether those seeds of romance will take root is an entirely different matter. It is tough to say what might happen in the future as she hasn't yet settled into any social groups in Clifton Forge. 

Setsuko has memory problems. It makes her ideal for the work she does because confessing your sins to someone who won't remember the next day is a pretty handy detail. It keeps her from being too traumatized about anything. It also keeps her from realizing too deeply that the world is stranger than she believes. This memory problem means she records a lot of her work through techie-know-how to ensure she doesn't miss potential blackmail details that could make her a pretty penny. If you see her with a bandaid across her nose, it means she knows she's forgotten something and is trying to remember what it is. 

Powers and Abilities

Setsuko is human, so she has human ingenuity. She has three cellphones for her use: personal, Madam Otake and camgirl. 

Madam Otake is Setsuko's "Mysticism and Therapy" business online. It is based off a collection of programs between her laptop, her phone and some long term huckster skills. She uses distorting programs to veil her voice and keep people from making connections to her person when they might spot her in the flesh. Her camera angle when making video readings is always pointed down towards her hands, which are covered in black lace gloves for allure and to give an optical illusion of her skin being darker than it is. Most people enjoy looking at the spread of crystals, tarot cards and silk tablecloth anyway. The service is pricey, though less pricey than an actual psychiatrist with a degree. 

Setsuko also runs a camgirl stream for extra cash. It's not a camgirl scheme like you'd think as its more of a motion capture program that depicts her as an anime girl. It's not exactly a 'decent' thing to do but there's plenty of nerds out there who'll pay "Suko-chan" to take off her clothes or do naughty things. She uses prerecorded anime voice clips for the camming but her small fan following don't much seem to mind or notice. It's kind of a back up to when she's not making enough money as Madam Otake.  

Whether her knack for tarot reading or runes has any supernatural value is unknown.  

She doesn't believe in her own garbage. 


Setsuko was born to an interracial couple twenty-three years ago. Her father was a banker (Caleb Okame) and her mother was a sham psychic (Saki Okame). Caleb rather graciously took his wife's name to better support her psychic business as well as fit in better to the local Japanese population. Setsuko was considered an oddity in the "Little Japan" part of her hometown considering she was pretty dark of skin due to an African-American father, and a little too slight of frame to fit in with his side of the family due to a Japanese mother. She had a decent family life growing up just the same; there was never really any suffering too deeply during the harder times. Caleb was a reliable financial advisor which often got him the bonuses he needed to keep his family in the clear and Saki made a decent dollar telling people how to live their lives by the stars.

It wasn't until Setsuko was around sixteen that the family hit an obstacle that they couldn't conquer. Saki Okame had developed an addiction to alcohol that was running her into the ground. Caleb was struggling with dishonest behaviours by his coworkers. He ended up reporting their funnelling of bank money into private accounts, but they were men with more influential social networks that he couldn't contend with. He was fired soon after and their comforts dwindled quickly. Saki became angry, particularly so with Setsuko who was growing up rebellious. Caleb was a sad man with failing health who took on labourious jobs to make ends meet. Setsuko ducked out from home before her seventeenth birthday and left town. She was considered a runaway by authorities.

Okame, Otusi, Okami, Otume, Otobe and more - Setsuko's used quite a few false last names to just keep ahead of things. She's had a few schemes to keep her pockets full over the years and sugar daddies/mommas to tend to the bills but never sticks anywhere too long. Clifton Forge was the most recent stop on her couch-surfing spree. While she's used to going it alone, setting up shop and eventually abandoning it - there's a little feeling of desire to dig some roots in somewhere and have something to call her own. She'd never let you hear that from her however. Living a handful of lives to survive means she doesn't always understand who she is anymore even if she has no desire to go backward and figure it out.

Having a poor memory helps with that too, honestly.

She left Clifton Forge almost as quickly as she came with little more than a paid hotel room bill and the vague memory of her being there. The town was making her forget more than ever before and she couldn't sit and wait for herself to disappear.

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