Currently Hiring!

Contact Kali (Noxium1tenebrae) to set up an interview RP!

Open Positions:

Cashier/Receptionist: Looking for one more person!

Bartender: Looking for 2 people

Music Producer/Music Production: Looking for 1 person


Trax on Wax is a record/head shop located in Clifton Forge Virginia, next to a sweet little diner. It is currently under the Management of a Norwegian woman who goes by the name Kali.

There is a slew of Sigils and Runes at the top of the door on the outside: Witches would understand that it was a safe place for them.

Trax on Wax sells many Items, including but not limited too Records, CDs, Pasteries, Record Players, CD Players, Water Bongs, Vaporizors, Pipes, and Concentrate Rigs. It also sells rolling papers, and rolling trays, smoking accessories and Candy. Trax on Wax offers music lessons from Instruments to voice! It also Offers studio time! (See Below for prices and times)

On the High Low, Trax on Wax is a complete and legally operated Business.

On the LOW LOW, Like REALLY LOW, The Manager sells Kush.... Really good Kush



Guitar 50$ Per Hour

Drums 60$ Per Hour

Keyboard/Piano 80$ Per Hour

Bass Guitar 50$ Per Hour

Vocals 60$ Per Hour

Studio Time:

1 Hour 120$

2 Hours 200$

3 Hours 260$

Every Hour after is an extra 100 dollars.

All Day 1250$

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