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*'''Name: '''Tristan Elias Johnson
*'''Name: '''Tristan Elias Johnson
*'''Age: '''25
*'''Age: '''25
*'''Orientation:''' Bisexual
*'''Note:''' He departed Clifton Forge to return to his hometown.
*'''Education:''' BA in Ethics
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**[[Kings|Kings Diner]]: Owner
**[[Trax on Wax]]: Cashier / Receptionist
*'''Criminal Record:''' No
==Physical Appearance==
*'''Hair:''' Auburn
*'''Eyes:''' Hazel
*'''Height:''' 5'4"
*'''Weight:''' 135 lbs
*'''Skin:''' Fair, Freckled
*'''Tattoos / Piercings / Scars:''' None
*'''Likes: '''Herpetology, Reading, Swimming
*'''Dislikes:''' Misinformation, His crippling college debt
*'''Hobbies:''' Spelunking, Field Herping
*'''Addictions''': Coffee
*'''Phobias: '''Phonecalls
Tristan had an ordinary, non-tragic life. He grew up in a normal lower-middle-class family with two tired but loving parents. He attended a mediocre public school. He went to community college, where he earned a teaching degree for ethics. He graduated with a ton of debt, and zero job prospects. He lived with his parents awhile as he worked different minimum-wage jobs. He eventually wanted to get out from underneath his parents’ roof, so he saved up to move out (albeit with a roommate). After surveying different small towns, he chose Clifton Forge.
==OOC Information==
*'''SL Account:''' DarkAngler Resident
*'''Days Available:''' Thursday - Saturday
*'''Times Available: '''1 a.m. SLT'' to'' 3-4 p.m. SLT
*'''Available for Discord RP: '''Yes

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General InformationEdit

  • Name: Tristan Elias Johnson
  • Age: 25
  • Note: He departed Clifton Forge to return to his hometown.

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